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Carbon trading set to dominate commodities.
Financial Times
- Bart Chilton, commissioner of the CTFC, said: "The potential size and scope of a structured carbon emissions market in the US is"... Read More

Climate Bill Analysis Part 19: ACES Could Align Economic Interests to Weaken Climate Legislation.
The Breakthrough - July 8, 2009.
- New analysis by the Breakthrough Institute concludes that the American Clean Energy & Security Act (ACES)... Read More

New Climate Bill Could Create "Super Lobby" Against U.S. Emissions Reductions.
The Breakthrough - July 8, 2009
- The recent passage of the American Clean Energy & Security... Read More

Subprime Carbon? - Friends of the Earth - June, 2009
As policymakers debate Wall Street reform, there is little attention being paid to whether new... Read More

Could Cap and Trade Cause Another Market Meltdown? - Mother Jones - June 8, 2009
You've heard of credit default swaps... Read More

Clean Energy Action Will Jump Start Our Economy by Sen. Barbara Boxer - Huffington Post - July 16, 2009
The carefully crafted Climate Security Jobs bill that we will present to the Senate, based on the... Read More

SEC Turnaround Sparks Sudden Look at Climate Disclosure - NY Times - July 13, 2009
Federal regulators are preparing to launch a very serious look" at requiring corporations to assess...Read More

US and China must fight emissions together
Sen. John Kerry - Financial Times - July 26 2009

The question is, can we forge a partnership bold enough to prevent a climate catastrophe?... Read More


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