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Dr. Michelle Kraus - CEO

Dr. Michelle Kraus is an executive, well versed in technology and the Internet, who combines tenures from Silicon Valley and Wall Street with extensive worldwide experience and expertise in information systems for financial services. Her global consulting practice focuses on the crossroad of carbon, finance and regulation.

An entrepreneur, a CEO, a turnaround expert, and an advisor to both public and private companies, she brings her technology expertise to build start-ups into $100 million companies, and create profitable divisions for large corporations. Her first entrepreneurial start-up built expert systems for the financial services and insurance industries to assess risk. She also was the CEO of and built one of the leading Linux software companies.

As a strategic consultant, Dr. Kraus’ broad and successful career in technology includes clients such as Apple (Claris), Maxis, Compaq Computers, Fisher-Price Toys, Quarterdeck Corporation, The Well, and Silicon Valley Bank among others.

Michelle Kraus

She was most recently the successful turnaround CEO and Chairman of Digital Campaigns, Inc., the company that developed the standards for micro targeting and communicating with voter groups — the precursor to social networks.

Dr. Kraus co-founded a venture fund that funded security IT investments with the now Facebook Chief Privacy Officer.

Dr. Kraus is a well known political strategist and regulatory expert. Her work over the last 20 years provides her with a rare and invaluable insight into the intersections of politics, regulation and technology. She has worked with state officials, influenced policy and written on policy issues including privacy, security, distribution of conflict and net neutrality. She is now working to influence policy at the highest level of the Federal Government, testifying, leading policy sessions and writing white papers on key economic and financial policy issues from the consumer through the securities industry.

Dr. Kraus has domestic and international experience in consumer and enterprise licensing. She also developed the content and delivered a successful Open Source workshop series on licensing.

Dr. Kraus is a known expert globally in financial technology services from consumer driven products to the enterprise level. At EDS, she was an IT Strategist. At TRW, she contributed expertise on financial database information for financial institutions and the architecture for real estate information products, including the product specifications and requirements. Dr. Kraus has lectured globally on information technology for financial services. At an AI firm funded by Citicorp, Dr. Kraus focused on risk and decision making algorithms in the financial information management sector that were sold to insurance companies, banks and broad-based financial services organizations. On Wall Street, for Fannie Mae and other industry leaders, Dr. Kraus facilitated the development of the systems and supporting data infrastructure to support origination through securitization and servicing of large loan portfolios.