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About Us


It is the mission of Carbon Tracing, Inc., to bridge the gap between the worlds of technology, finance and policy by developing solutions which employ the best of breed financial information technology platforms for worldwide corporate and financial decision makers. The solutions will embody powerful functionality tailored to the carbon trading market place that can be currently found in existing financial market place providers, such as Reuters and Moody’s.


There are both huge needs and opportunities for the companies with vision that can lead – establishing standards, providing IT and financial infrastructure, and validating best practices and research for the cap-and-trade marketplace. Cap-and-trade is rapidly developing as governments around the world struggle with the problem of reducing carbon emissions. Clearly there are huge economic incentives in play with trillions of dollars for investment in renewable energies and new jobs becoming available.

The world is at a tipping point for change due to the convergence of many forces and conditions. To elaborate:

1) The emerging demand for corporate responsibility and sustainability practices: Consumers are demanding sustainable products and services, and will vote with their pocketbook; thereby adversely affecting stock prices. It is time for companies to get on that train, run to that station, or be left behind.

2) The growing public demand for accountability, compliance and transparency: Year-end accounting policies and procedures will encompass reporting for all US companies in the public arena. The new world of transparency is emerging for corporate accountability.

3) The fact that going green and cap-in-trade has become essential to global financial recovery. Explosive growth is forecast over the next decade with aggregate trading volumes ranging between one and three trillion dollars.

Today's current lack of standards and best practices is crippling the carbon marketplace. If we are to be successful in rebuilding not only the US economy, but also the global economy, the next generation of financial information applications, services, solutions and platforms need to be developed and fine tuned. The window of opportunity is here for this global marketplace. Fortune 500 companies are demanding access to this information. To be successful this market needs the services offered by the Company.


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